Shrink Sleeve & Shrink Label Film

Shrink Sleeve & Shrink Label Film

Multiplastics offers “the most complete” and diverse group of films suitable for your Shrink Sleeve & Shrink Label products, designed to meet your every need.


Polyester (PET) film is fully recyclable unlike the alternative PET-G products in the marketplace. We can offer these films with medium shrink/low stress or high shrink/high stress and also with 30% PCR content to avoid the UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT).


Available from 35mu to 70mu, with some grades available from stocks.


Flexcraft Seaming Solutions

    • 12-103 fast
    • 468 medium speed
    • 2130 fast
    • 331 fast
    • 12-103AT fast
    • 7-72S medium
    • 595HP slow
    • 1484FX medium

All our raw material suppliers and sites are rigorously audited to ensure we supply the highest quality products of a consistently high quality from one month to the next, ensuring we deliver a product that you can trust with customer service you won't find anywhere else.

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