Printed & Laminated Film

Printed film, Laminated film,

Multiplastics can offer a huge range of surface printed or laminated materials and substrates. These may be needed to protect and promote your brand and packaging, or where a high barrier, seal integrity, puncture resistance or shelf-life is required.


Laminating different materials together allows you to combine multiple materials (LLDPE, OPP, OPA, PET, Paper etc.) and is often used where you need to enhance your packaging.


Incorporating a printed design into your flexible packaging is a powerful marketing tool and is often much cheaper than the cost of a label and labelling equipment. We can create and amend existing designs and offer small digital print runs before going into a full production campaign to ensure everything sits perfectly, without the need for expensive printing plate mistakes.

We stock a range of different laminated materials ranging in thickness and specification for different applications, and can offer stock holding of your own printed and laminated designs at our premises for you to call-off all as part of our first class service.


All our raw material suppliers and sites are rigorously audited to ensure we supply the highest quality products of a consistently high quality from one month to the next, ensuring we deliver a product that you can trust with customer service you won't find anywhere else.


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