As well as film, Multiplastics can also offer a number of customisable products:

Centre Folded or L-Seal Film:
Perforated (Hot Needle) Film:
bakery, l-seal, centre folded
hot needle perforation, crispy bread

Commonly used with manual and automatic L-sealing machines predominantly by smaller bakeries and businesses who do not own an automatic flow wrapper.

We stock a wide range of the most commonly used sizes, in the specification of 20mu OPP with 1,000 metres per roll.

    • 300 / 150mm (6”)
    • 400 / 200mm (8”)
    • 500 / 250mm (10”)
    • 600 / 300mm (12”)
    • 700 / 350mm (14”)
    • 800 / 400mm (16”)
    • 900 / 450mm (18”)
    • 1000 / 500mm (20”)

Bespoke options are available in other thicknesses and materials, in both plain or printed formats.

Perforated film is generally used to vent your products, let steam escape, prevent injury and stop your products from going rancid. This also keeps the product fresh and/or crispy.

We can supply both Polypropylene and Polyester in a range of Perforated patterns.

Sizes available include:

    • P1
    • P8
    • P30
    • P160 micro-perforated
    • P360 micro-perforated

Available with 100% coverage or in strips of 50mm or multiples thereof.

Punched Film

punched film, punched

Punched film is generally used within the fresh produce market to vent your products and increase gas transmission, allowing your product to breathe and stop them from going rancid.

We can supply both Polypropylene and Polyester in a range of thicknesses and Punched hole sizes.

Sizes available include:

    • 6mm
    • 8mm
    • 10mm

The Punches can be customised in the number of columns across and the row spacing.