Carton Window Film

Polyester, Carton Window, Polyester Film

Multiplastics offers “the most complete” and diverse group of films suitable for Carton Windows, all designed to meet your every need.


Polyester (PET) film is the most commonly used film for these applications and is available one side and two side anti-mist/anti-fog coated to ensure that your product is always visible in different environments. We can also offer industrial compostable Polylactic acid (PLA) material.


All our raw material suppliers and sites are rigorously audited to ensure we supply the highest quality products of a consistently high quality from one month to the next, ensuring we deliver a product that you can trust with customer service you won't find anywhere else.


Whether you want to increase machine speeds, reduce pack costs, extend your shelf-life or simply cut down on packaging waste Multiplastics are here to help. Contact us today for further information, or for a full review of your packaging.

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