As well as film, Multiplastics can also offer a number of customisable products:

Clear or Coloured Sheets
Bags and Pouches
colour sheets, Christmas pudding
bags, sideseal, sideweld, backseal

We can offer Polypropylene sheets cut to your exact size requirements.

These are generally used for hand wrapping and can be supplied:

    • Clear
    • Tinted Colours
    • Silver (Metallised)
    • Gold
or Fully printed with your own design.

Suitable for:

    • Bakeries (Christmas Pudding, Cakes etc.)
    • Bouquets
    • Butchers (Meat, Sausages etc. )
    • Delicatessens
    • Frozen Goods (Burgers etc.)
    • Gifts
    • Hampers
    • Interleaving (Cheese, Fish, Meat, Pasta etc.
We can offer a range of Polypropylene Bags in a number of different formats including:

    • Gusseted Bags
    • Lap-Seal
    • Side-Seal
    • Side-Weld
    • Pouches


Lap-Seal bags have one seal at the back of the bag similar to a bag of crisps. These are generally tougher and have the seal hidden at the back, the end result is a better, tougher looking bag for your products. Side gussets can also be added for bulky or larger products.


Side-Seal bags are superior in strength as the seals are manufactured using a heat-sealing bar. This style of bag is used to pack bulkier and heavier products where watertight seals are essential. A bottom gusset can also be added to transform the bag into a stand-up pouch.


Side-Weld bags are flat bags with welded side seals and a folded or welded bottom. These bags are generally used for lighter products such as:

    • Cards
    • Stationery
    • Toys